Over the past years, we have provided a wide variety of employers with experienced, reliable and productive temporary workers for work assignments located in Nogales, AZ and throughout Santa Cruz County.

We have provided staffing services to hundreds of employers in such categories as the following:

  • Warehouses and logistics facilities
  • Construction firms
  • Landscaping firms
  • Professional services offices
  • Small and medium sized private sector businesses
  • County and municipal entities



  • We pay all employer payroll taxes on temporary workers’ wages in an accurate and timely manner
  • We pay our temp workers weekly (we are not a day labor service)
  • Our temp workers live in the local area and are not transported to the job site at customer expense
  • We safety train all our temp workers
  • We drug test and background check our temp workers
  • We verify past employment and interview applicants before we hire personnel for temp work
  • We E-Verify all employees
  • We can provide Certified Payrolls for customers who require such services
  • We are familiar with Wage Determination Orders
  • We can tailor temp daily work time and workweek to fit customer needs
  • Our temp workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance
  • We invoice our customers weekly
  • Customers can pay us by check, credit card, ACH, or by wire transfer transactions
  • Our Office Placement Staff are professional, ethical, and responsive to customer needs
  • Our pricing structure is cost-effective for employers
  • We provide communication methods for customers to contact us outside normal business hours
  • We structure invoice payment terms which are fair to us and our customers


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